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Australia wide we copy - convert & transfer video tapes to DVD and digital files    Covering Brisbane - Sydney - Melbourne - Adelaide - Hobart - Perth - Canberra - Darwin - Gold Coast  Newcastle - Wollongong - Sunshine Coast - Geelong - Townsville - Cairns - Toowoomba - Launceston
     Included Features: All our DVD transfers have chapter points around 5 minutes apart and a modern DVD menu system with image thumbnails for each chapter so you can quickly navigate to a desired section of the DVD with your remote. Each DVD has a quality generic label printed on it with room for you to write the contents of the disc as in the example shown. Each tape has a number label and these numbers are written on to your DVD label so you can link them up. For customised labels click here. The DVD is provided in a standard DVD case with a generic paper cover (slick) with plenty of room for you to add the disc contents.  We can also supply it in a clear plastic case so the title on the DVD is visible without opening the case, just advise us if you want the clear plastic cases. We use the most highly regarded blank DVD’s on the market “Taiyo Yuden mastering grade” and burn at slow speeds to ensure faultless playback* in your DVD player. (*Click here for more info)   Our DVD’s are not copy protected or region encoded.  You can make extra copies with most computer DVD burning software. To ensure the highest vision quality of your DVD the maximum playing time is kept to 120 minutes or less. If your vision is longer than that it is electronically split onto 2 DVD’s. We focus on the highest quality transfers available & as such refuse to use DVD recorders which, whilst economical, are not suited to preserving your memories in the best quality or compatibility.
Available Options: Extra copies:  If requested at the time of Transfer the cost is only $7 per disc. If requested within 14 days of the job completion the cost is $12 per disc and a minimum quantity of 2 discs. Combining Short Tapes:  If you have video camcorder tapes (not sure of your video tape type click here) they normally run well under 2 hours. We can combine them onto DVD’s and not only save you money, but you enjoy the convenience of a less DVD’s. Just remember the maximum combined playing time of the tapes for each DVD is 2 hours. Depending on the tape contents you may want them joined in a specific order, so just number them  accordingly and we will combine them where possible. (NB please number the tapes clearly not the boxes as its very common for the boxes to have got mixed up over the years). If the order is not important, you don’t need to number the tapes. We will work out the most economical way to combine them. Just remember if they are videos of your kids growing up for example, they will no longer be in chronological order. Custom DVD label:  We can print a title directly onto each DVD. Normally this is what is written on the tape but but you can attach a list of the titles you want, There is a limited amount of room with a maximum of 4 lines as shown in the example. If there is a lot of information the customised dvd cover  would be a better option. Wedding tapes assuming they are transferred on to their own DVD receive a special customised label . Please ensure the bride & groom’s first names are clearly written on  the tape or attached note & if you know the wedding date include that as well. Custom DVD Cover: We can customise the front of the DVD cover with text of your choice as shown. We prefer a computer text file or word document, however written text is fine as long as it is clear (no running writing) as this helps avoid typing errors. Just ask us and we will explain the best way to do it. Custom DVD Menus:   All Our DVD transfers come with a modern menu system if however you would like chapter points at specific times and with specific heading and thumbnails that more accurately reflect the events on your tapes,  then we can provide it. Prices start from $20 per DVD. Please ring us and we will happily discuss your needs. Damaged Tapes:   Please note our tape repair services are only available as part of our video transfer service. Listed below are some common problems we encounter. Please note this is NOT a fixed or free service due to the labour time involved. If we are unable to restore the tape to satisfactory condition a fee still applies per tape. Ring for details.  Partial payment maybe required prior to repair process. o Shedding oxide: As a tape gets older the adhesive used to hold the magnetic particles to the tape may fail as a result the magnetic particles fall off and clog up the video heads resulting in partial picture or no picture. Repair prices vary depending on tape format, length of tape and amount of shedding. Cost: $20 - $60. Please note some tapes are beyond repair. o Mangled tape: Usually the camera or vcr has chewed a section of tape. The damaged section is spliced out. prices vary depending on whether we need to dismantlle the tape box and whether the box has screws or is welded together: Cost $10 - $25, average price $15 o Fungus/mildew tapes: Some tapes grow a white mould on them. With VHS tapes this is often resolved with standard cleaning at $15. However smaller camera tapes due to their thinner tape are far more vulnerable. Video8/HI8 tapes are effected badly with the tape layers sticking together resulting in the tape tearing into strips. The cost depends on the number of  times it tears and needs to be spliced whilst we transfer it. There is no average price: Cost is $20 + $10 per additional splices. You can set a price limit per tape. Sometimes the damage is to extensive to recover the tape. o Water damaged tape: Get the tapes to us quickly as complications can occur We Dismantle the tape box, dry the tape slowly and clean it. Cost:  There is no average price as there are so many factors involved. Cost  from $25 per tape. USA - NTSC DVD’s:  Going to the USA or Japan and need an NTSC DVD instead of an Australian PAL DVD? We can provide NTSC versions of your video footage. Usually it’s a $15 per DVD surcharge. Tape Previewing:  We do not offer preview facilities, however we do have basic playback facilities for some tape formats in our reception. We limit its use to 5 minutes per client. If you are getting a resonable number of tapes transferred and can’t tell if a small proportion of them are blank or just have TV shows on them, we will check them for no charge as we do your transfer. We check the start of the tape and 30 minutes in, if we see TV shows or blank tape we don’t transfer the tape and there is no charge. Also if your tape has home footage at the start and TV on the end we do not transfer or charge for the TV content. If you are looking for something very specific eg. a wedding on a tape but don’t know what tape it is on, we can help. Pricing will vary depending tape format and what you are looking for but. Budget on a minimum of $10 per tape.   NB! Payment may be requested Prior to checking your tapes depending on the quantity and the nature of your requirements.
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