Video Tapes: VHS - Mini DV - Betamax - Video8 Hi8 - Digital8  MicroMV - U-matic - Betacam DVCam - PAL - NTSC - SECAM to DVD - MP4 - AVI
Australia wide we copy - convert & transfer video tapes to DVD and digital files    Covering Brisbane - Sydney - Melbourne - Adelaide - Hobart - Perth - Canberra - Darwin - Gold Coast  Newcastle - Wollongong - Sunshine Coast - Geelong - Townsville - Cairns - Toowoomba - Launceston
Client Privacy We don’t have a 10 page privacy policy full of double speek instead we simply say.... We take the privacy of your video tapes and your contact details very seriously. Copies of your video tapes and DVD’s are kept for 14 days to ensure you have received them and there is no issue with the transfer. After that time they are deleted  from our transfer computers. We never use your videos for advertising purposes without your approval and never make them available to any other persons or companies. Your contact details are kept on our secure accountancy computer and again are never disclosed to any other person or company without your permission.
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