Video Tapes: VHS - Mini DV - Betamax - Video8 Hi8 - Digital8  MicroMV - U-matic - Betacam DVCam - PAL - NTSC - SECAM to DVD - MP4 - AVI
Australia wide we copy - convert & transfer video tapes to DVD and digital files    Covering Brisbane - Sydney - Melbourne - Adelaide - Hobart - Perth - Canberra - Darwin - Gold Coast  Newcastle - Wollongong - Sunshine Coast - Geelong - Townsville - Cairns - Toowoomba - Launceston
Why is Brismedia’s transfer service one of the best?   We have a variety of playback machines from Panasonic, Sony, JVC, Samsung and others and choose the deck that gives the best picture and clearest sound. Your footage is converted to digital form inside the playback device (in most cases) and then captured via fire-wire into a fast computer through a TBC (time base corrector) to help stabilise your video. The capture / rendering software we use is Commercial TV grade and is set to obtain the highest quality. It take us 5 hours to capture, render and create a DVD from a two hour tape. (No cheap DVD recorders are ever used as they produce an inferior DVD)  We use the most highly regarded blank DVD’s on the market  “Taiyo Yuden master grade” and burn at slow speeds to ensure *faultless playback. (*Click here for more info) A lot of VHS tapes have the same sound recorded in both HiFi sound and on a monaural track. The HiFi sound track is far clearer and has no hiss but can cause issues and drop in and out. Unlike some companies who simply switch it off to save hassles, we will try multiple VCRs to get the HiFi sound track to lock and if we can’t, we actually mechanically adjust the monaural audio heads’ azimuth to get the clearest sound. We limit our video content to 2 hours per DVD. This is because the DVD format “.vob” which is actually mpeg2 is a lossy compressed format. The more vision you try to fit, the more you have to compress it. Professional consensus is that 120 minutes is the maximum amount you should use. The absolute best quality is obtained by limiting the vision to about 75 minutes but this is not practical and the difference whilst visible would not be noticed by most people. With most clients owning large screen TV’s it’s important to keep the image quality as good as we can. Mp4 video formats have a limit of just over 3 hours, this is due to keeping the file size to a 4 gigabyte limit for compatability reasons.
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