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Australia wide we copy - convert & transfer video tapes to DVD and digital files    Covering Brisbane - Sydney - Melbourne - Adelaide - Hobart - Perth - Canberra - Darwin - Gold Coast  Newcastle - Wollongong - Sunshine Coast - Geelong - Townsville - Cairns - Toowoomba - Launceston
Are my tapes returned?: Our transfer service does not damage the tapes in anyway and unless you request otherwise all your tapes are returned to you. Turnaround time: This varies a lot especially around Christmas time. For most of the year we average  a 4-5 day turnaround time for small jobs of 5 tapes or less and 1-2 weeks for large jobs. We do offer a 24 hour priority service where humanly possible a surcharge applies. Transferring only part of a video tape: Included free of charge in all our tape transfers is what we call topping and tailing. If the vision doesn’t start at the start of the tape it is trimmed out. If the required vision ends and there is other footage we can see is not required eg old TV shows it is also trimmed out. If you want only one small section of a tape we also are happy to oblige. There are however conditions you must adhere to and it assumes you are able to view the video tape. You must wind the tape to the point where the vision you want starts and write down in a note a visual cue. “eg start when boy in red shirt comes into room”  You must give us an approximate playing time to within a couple of minutes and a visual out cue. Unless of course the out point is the end of the vision on the tape in these cases just write “to the end” You must firmly attach this information to the tape with a heading of “ Do Not rewind” If you want multiple sections from a tape this comes under our video editing service. Video editing is done at $50 per hour. It’s best to ring us for an approximate quote
How long do DVD’s last?  There are 2 main types of DVD’s in use today.     Glass mastered DVD’s. All movies you buy or rent are this type of DVD. It is the most robust type and should last for many decades. It is expensive to produce the glass master which is used to stamp out the copies, this only becomes viable at 500 copies or more. Hence no one in the video transfer industry can use them for a couple of copies of a home video tape. The underside of this type of disc is silvery or golden in colour. Burnable DVD’s These discs are what everyone in our industry use to convert your video to play on a DVD player. They use a dye which the laser heats up to create the digital patterns. They are more susceptible to damage from extreme heat than glass master discs. The underside of the disc is usually purple in colour. No one really can say how long they will last and the manufacturers warranty is limited to supplying a replacement blank disc. How can you help protect your DVD from damage and playback issues? Store them in their cases and never in extreme heat or cold. eg In a car left in the sun. Handle them with care and don’t leave them lying on tables etc where they can get scratched. Request an additional set of DVD’s at the time of transfer and keep them at another location. Copy the contents of the DVD on to your computer. We can supply an info sheet on how to do this or we can do it for you as an optional extra. How Does Brismedia make your discs / Video memories as safe as possible? We use the industry best brand of DVD, Taiyo Yuden master grade. We burn at slow slow speeds which produce a cleaner burn. We use Pioneer burners which from our testing produce the best quality results. As an optional extra, we can backup the contents of the DVD’s we produce to a USB key or pocket hard drive depending on the number of discs. Call for details. What is Brismedia’s DVD disc warranty period? *We guarantee faultless playback for 12 months from your invoice date. We will replace any disc free of charge that does not play back correctly within that time. The following conditions apply. o The disc must be in good condition, no scratches and not have been exposed to extreme heat. o The DVD player being used is playing back other burnable DVD’s reliably. (Burnable DVD’s are identified by the purple colour of the non label side). If a copy of the disc cannot be made from the original a refund for the transfer costs to DVD incurred for that disc will be made. We take great pride in what we do, however as we do not manufacture the blank DVD discs used we will not be held responsible for the loss of data (video, photo or audio) that may occur from a disc failure. This is why we recommend a digital backup be made. In the 7 years we have used Taiyo Yuden DVD’s we have only replaced 3 discs. The true life expectancy of burnable DVD’s is still unknown so a digital backup of them is highly recommended. Also don’t throw out your original tapes where possible. Where are the transfers actually done? All our transfer services are done in-house at our Arana Hills office in Brisbane. We do not outsource any of your work without advising you first and unlike some other companies we will never ship your items to India or overseas for transfer. How do you know you can trust Brismedia?   The simplest way to judge any company is to call them. Never rely on websites or advertising! At Brismedia we don’t use sales people, the personnel doing your transfers and who know the business backwards will happily chat to you about your needs. We have a dedicated studio that you can visit, not like many a company running from a PO Box or a mobile phone number... which in reality is their mum’s spare bedroom. We are registered for GST (a lot of smaller operators aren’t) and you will receive a itemised tax invoice made out to your company, trust or personal name. Our pricing is clearly stated on all our websites and whilst there are cheaper prices around, we don’t compromise our quality by using DVD recorders, cheap transfer equipment or running the risk of loosing your memories by shipping them overseas for transfer to save a few dollars. We have been converting both corporate and home clients audio and video tapes, slides and  films from the same premises for over a decade and we’ll be here for many years to come. Do you offer free quotes? We don’t offer free quotes as our pricing is based on the actual playing time of the tape which can only be truly be determined by playing the tape back in real time. Our pricing is clearly stated here.    You can also  set a budget on your transfer job. Once we reach your budget we stop transferring any more of your tapes and complete the ones already transferred.    Delivery issues or problems with the DVD’s: In almost a decade of service we are yet to have a justified complaint or a lost package. However if you do experience an issue with your transfer please call us as we want happy customers and will do what we can to resolve the issue.   If you don’t receive your delivery please contact us immediately as we keep copies of your DVD’s and files for 14 days and as long as we know before then we can make replacement DVD’s. We only use Australia Post services which have a tracking system which allow us to track the delivery.   How can you determine the playing time of a tape?  Whilst looking at a tape may give an indication of it’s playing time it can be highly inaccurate. First up if the indicated time is on a label that was stuck onto the tape there is no guarantee it was the correct label for that tape.   Also even if for example it says it’s 60 minute tape it might only have 10 minutes of vision on it and at the other extreme if a 60 minute tape was recorded in LP (long play)  it could play for up to 120 minutes. The only true way is to play the tape back it back in real time. See our preview service click here if you must have a fixed price before we begin your job. Please note in most cases this is not a free service. For some help on determining playing times click here  this page shows the tape types and playing assuming the tapes are full of vision you want.
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