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Australia wide we copy - convert & transfer video tapes to DVD and digital files    Covering Brisbane - Sydney - Melbourne - Adelaide - Hobart - Perth - Canberra - Darwin - Gold Coast  Newcastle - Wollongong - Sunshine Coast - Geelong - Townsville - Cairns - Toowoomba - Launceston
        Video Tape to Digital File Formats: DV-AVI  MP4  MPEG2  MOV  MKV  M2TS  DIVX   More clients than ever are wanting to edit their own video tapes or watch them on computers, smart TV’s, IPads etc. Getting all your the video tapes into your computer in a quality digital format can be confusing. If you are only wanting to just play your video files on a computer Ipad - smart TV and not edit your files: we recommend the “MP4” format as it is the mostly widely supported format. We can also convert your tapes to Mpeg2 MKV - MOV - DIVX if required but don’t recommend it. For editing and archiving Brismedia offers the highest quality transfer to digital available. The DV-AVI format offers the benefits of being usable on both Windows PC’s and Apple Mac and as its not a heavily compressed format like Mpeg2 or MP4.  It is also a far more responsive (no catch up delays) digital file format for video editing and offers the best  quality. The downside of DV - AVI is the file size which is about 15 gigabytes per hour for standard definition footage. To ensure you can view / edit the DV- AVI format here is the link to our sample file  Click here. (Files are on our older website copyvhstodvd.com.au) Please note, we do not supply support how to edit digital video files as this is such a huge topic. So please make sure you are happy with the sample file. The sample link also has a Mpeg2 file. I only recommend this for watching not editing, it’s a very similar format to the standard DVD format. Pricing is the same as our normal transfer to DVD format. NB: Windows 8 media player no longer supports playing of Mpeg2. !! NEWS: We now offer HD (High Definition) 1080I Mini-DV tape transfer to either  “M2TS / MTS ” format or downsized to Standard Definition as “DV-AVI”.    Pricing is the same as our Standard Definition transfers with an additional $10 per tape surcharge. This is capped at $30 per job.     Other formats such as 720P or 1080P may also be transferable but due to many variations only by playing your tape will we know.
PRICING:   NB: there is a minimum cost of $29 for tape to digital file format transfers The cost to transfer to digital file formats is based on the actual amount of vision on the tape not the tape length as not all tapes are full and it may have been recorded in long play mode. if you have a large quantity of tapes or tapes with very small playing times please call me as price reductions maybe available. DV-AVI 1 tape with up to   60 minutes of vision is $18 1 tape with up to 120 minutes of vision is $24 1 tape with up to 180 minutes of vision is $29 1 tape with up to 240 minutes of vision is $34       DV-AVI is used primarily for editing. We do not trim the blank or unrequired footage at the start or end of the video. If you require you footage trimmed use the pricing for the formats below. MP4  MPEG2  MOV  MKV  DIVX The prices below are for transfers to a USB hard drive or USB Key  you supply. 1 tape with up to   60 minutes of vision is $24 1 tape with up to 120 minutes of vision is $29 1 tape with up to 180 minutes of vision is $35 1 tape with up to 240 minutes of vision is $40 USB HARD DRIVE / KEY REQUIRED: We supply your video files on a USB hard drive or for small length tapes we can supply them on a USB key. You can supply the drive / key or we can supply it for you. Prices: (Current 23/2/2015)    8gig USB Key = $10  16gig USB Key = $20  32gig USB Key = $30 1 Terabyte pocket USB drive = $89-$99 If you supply the drive / key please read the following! We prefer it to be empty (you can supply it with files on it, however we take absolutely NO responsibility for any loss or corruption to any existing files).  Please ensure you supply the USB cable and power pack if it has one. The drive / key needs to formatted as NTFS (Microsoft  Windows) or HFS (Apple Mac) For DV-AVI format You need 15 gigabytes per hour of footage. So for 10 hours of video footage you would need a 150 gigabytes of free space. For MP4 MPEG2 MOV MKV DIVX formats you need about 2 gigabytes per hour of footage. (The USB key for these conversions can be FAT32 which makes it compatible with most devices)
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